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How to Know Cover Quality Backlinks

One of the important aspects that must be learned to improve the ranking of your website through SEO is how to find quality backlinks. This aspect is very difficult not only for bloggers and other website owners, but also for some SEO experts.

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The strength of backlinks can increase the ranking of SERP or Search Engine Result Pages, so it is important to dig up information related to how to find quality backlinks. If we can get quality backlinks then your site can be in the top position of search engine pages like Google. But of course you must first know the meaning of backlinks, right?

Definition of Backlink

How to Know Quality Backlinks Understanding Backlinks

One of the first steps from learn SEO as a way of knowing quality backlinks, of course you must know the meaning of backlinks first, right?

Backlink is a term for a link or link that leads to our website. As one of the important aspects in determining the ranking of a website in search engine searches, backlinks can be used as a reference that makes it easier for users or used as optimization purposes so that your website is popular in search engines.

Besides knowing the meaning of backlinks, you also have to know the types of backlinks based on the benefits. One of them is dofollow which is more desirable because of its high value in the eyes of search engines compared to the type of nofollow which doesn't have much effect on your website.

Types of Backlinks

How to Find Quality Backlinks Types of Backlinks

After knowing the meaning of backlinks, the next step on how to find out quality backlinks is to know the types of backlinks.

The types of backlinks themselves vary, let's discuss some of them.

Contextual Backlink

This type of backlink can be obtained by making articles or posts with a link that leads to your website. You only need to find a website that provides a Content Management System or CMS to get or build backlinks, such as WordPress, Blogspot, Kaskus, and others.

Blog Comment Backlink

Of all the types of backlinks, Blog Comment Backlinks are very easy to get. You only have to find a website with a comment article below and enter your website link in the comments column. But remember, make sure the website has a similar or relevant theme to your website and has high authority, low outbound links, or people who participate in the comments are few and are dofollow.

Link Profile Backlink

You can get this type of backlink on social media or community website accounts where you register as a member. Just fill in the biodata in the profile settings, which usually has a column for filling in the website link. If your website link is listed there, then you have got a backlink from your profile.

Social Bookmark Backlink

Compared to other types of backlinks, this type of backlink is one of the most popular. Social Bookmark Backlink is a place to store and mark various website lists so that it becomes a place for spam backlinks because many users know. Therefore, the terms of use or getting backlinks from this website will be more troublesome.

Blogroll Backlink

One way to find out quality backlinks is to know the types of backlinks, including the Blogroll Backlink which used to be widely used by backlink seekers. The only way to make it is by placing a link to a website page that is already listed in the sidebar. But this technique has been abandoned, today's websites must be clean of unnecessary widgets.

Document Sharing Backlink

The document sharing website can accommodate various documents such as pdf, word, excell, powerpoint and others. You only have to have articles from the tier 1 website or articles from the main website that were modified when created in the document. Don't forget to insert your website link in the document. In essence, create and upload documents and look forward to the effects of this backlink.

Image Sharing Backlink

The process is the same as a document sharing website, the difference is that if one is in the form of a document, this type of backlink is in the form of an image which can also be included in a short description or link to your website.

Social Media Backlinks

You can get this type of backlink by placing a website link in the biography, sharing the website link on the homepage, or you can also make a note. Unfortunately, many social media websites only make their websites nofollow so that backlinks are only obtained from redirects.

Guestbook Backlink

Similar to blog comments, the only difference is in the location of the guestbook, which used to be everywhere, even almost on the entire page. However, currently, the guestbook is only located on pages such as contact us. If you still want to get this type of backlink, make sure to look for a website that is still a little spammy.

Backlink Footer

You can get this type of backlink if you are a theme or website maker service. You can put a website link in the footer of another website that you created, of course, the website that has been made or the theme used is that the website is also optimized. However, this type of backlink is less effective, especially for those of you who have many websites that want to be optimized.

How to Find Quality Backlinks

How to Know Cover Quality Backlinks

Now, let's discuss the core of this article, how to find high-quality backlinks. Apart from using the free backlink profile, guest post, or social bookmarking method, you can also get paid quality backlinks, such as collaboration with sponsor posts or content placement.

Here are some ways to find out other quality backlinks:

  • Be diligent in building friends.
  • Create interesting and unique content.
  • Write down information that is sought after.
  • Do blogwalking activities to websites with the same topic.
  • Use tools such as MOZ, Majestic, or Ahrefs that can display backlink data from competitor websites.

Quality Backlinks Characteristics

If you want to know how to find quality backlinks, of course you need to know what are the characteristics of quality backlinks right?

Well, here are the characteristics of quality backlinks that you should know so that your website is on the first page of search engine search results.

Backlinks Come From High Quality Articles

The characteristics of high-quality backlinks are that they must be sourced from high-quality articles. The problem is that if you include a backlink to a low-quality article it will interfere with the ranking of your website.

High-quality articles can be seen from the title and content that are relevant and complete, do not do keyword stuffing, the site appearance is comfortable, responsive or mobile friendly, and has hyperlinks that are not arbitrary.

Backlinks Come From Relevant Blogs

Another feature of high-quality backlinks is that they must come from blogs that have the same or similar content as your website. If your website is about health then don't look for blogs that discuss automotive. Relevant backlinks are very important to increase the ranking of your website on search engine pages.

Backlinks Include In Articles

Google, according to several trusted sites, prefers links to be included in articles, because it is more original and is considered well by Google's robots. So, another characteristic of high-quality backlinks is, of course, that they must be included in articles with similar or the same theme.

Backlinks Entered in .EDU or .GOV Domains

Many webmasters and bloggers choose .Edu and .Gov domains as places to plant links. The problem is that the two domain sites are highly trusted by the Google robot, so your link will be considered good and quality. But getting backlinks from these two domains is very difficult, especially for beginners.

Backlinks Entered From Different IP

High-quality backlinks according to Google are if the IP entered is different from your website. To know the IP of other sites, you can use Command Prompt for Windows and Network Utility for Mac. That's why many backlink or PBN service makers use different IPs in each domain.

Backlinks Entered From High Traffic Sites

If you get a backlink from someone else's site with high traffic, it could be that 5% visitors to that site will visit your website.

Look for backlinks from old domains but still actively updating

Besides being able to get backlinks from very good DA and PA sites that can have a positive effect on your website, sites that frequently update have more value on Google.

The Right Placement of Backlinks

The characteristics of high-quality backlinks according to Google are if they are placed in the right position and not carelessly, for example in articles.

Thus the article on how to find high quality backlinks, hopefully it will help you to choose the best way.

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