Where to Find the Latest Free Videos of 2020

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The demand for places to find free videos in the community is getting high for various purposes. Like a study guide. Remembering the tutorials delivered via video is easier to understand and practice. In addition, videos are needed to be used as content on social media and YouTube. This is inseparable from the monetization program of YouTube and Facebook fanspage.

If in the past the popularity of blogs containing article writing content was very high, now what is popular is video content. You can see that the rate of visits to the youtube site per day is very high. Which makes youtube the most visited social media in the world after Google and Facebook.

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Video Function

Video content has many functions. The following are the functions of the video, including:

  1. Videos can be used as tools to capture historical moments. Such as weddings, circumcisions, birthday parties, school reunions, graduations and others
  2. Promotion and sales tools. The content in the video can also be used by companies or personal for promotional or sales media. And based on the results of a survey conducted by the Hootsuite and Kenshoo Institutions, as many as 46 percent of companies choose to use video ads instead of advertisements in print mass media.
  3. Money making tools. Videos can also be used as a money-making tool. This way you open original video creation services for YouTube and social media and companies.

To make videos for promotional purposes and online business, monetization of social media and YouTube requires a unique, interesting and original video. But some people find it difficult to make videos like that. So they choose to get free videos that are already there as inspiration or to edit again.

Where to Find the Latest Free Videos of 2020

Where to Find Free Videos - cover

A place to find free videos is really needed by those who are looking for cheap entertainment, students who are going to study and YouTubers. Video is a form of content besides writing. Video content is intended for YouTubers and can be commercialized.

For most people, looking for information is more fun if it is presented in the form of a video than in writing. Like a learning video. For this reason, sites that provide free videos on a variety of topics are currently being visited by more and more people, especially students. Like Youtube.

Of course, you are familiar with the Youtube application. This video sharing application has become very popular along with the YouTube channel monetization program. In this application you can also get various video topics for free and quickly. Whether it's using an application or not. But the easiest way is to get videos on YouTube without an application, namely using the ss in front of the YouTube link.

There are many places to find free videos on the internet. Besides you can use YouTube, you can also use additional applications such as YouTube downloader or social media applications. One of them is Facebook, which provides many free videos in the Video feature.

For those of you who need video, you must first clear what type of video is needed and what is the quality? Everyone would expect the quality of the downloaded video to be very good. For that, the video download process should not be in any place. But in a special place that provides the best quality free video content.

If asked who needs the video then the answer is everyone. Especially among YouTubers, professional video editors and professional videographers. Then where and how do I get it?

Everyone has their own profession. There are those who work as writers who of course need a lot of articles as reference material. Then a professional videographer needs a lot of videos. This is as reference material or to add insight to the various types of videos he can make.

For a YouTuber, the role of video is very important. In the same way, video is the heart of his business. And he is required to create a variety of interesting, original videos. So that you can get subscribers and viewers in large numbers.

Meanwhile, for a professional YouTuber, making an interesting video is very easy. However, a beginner will find it difficult to make videos interesting and liked by visitors. Therefore we need references to various interesting videos that can be copied from other people or successful YouTubers.

Here's where to find free videos that are easy and reliable, including:

1. Youtube

Where to find free videos - youtube

Youtube is the place to find free videos that are most widely used by people around the world. Various video themes are contained in it. Such as culinary topics, trick tips, business, tutorials, health, news, celebrities and so on.

2. Videvo

The next place to look for free videos is Videvo. This site provides a wide variety of free videos that can be downloaded. Every week there are always the latest videos that can be downloaded and of course you will like it. From daily life themes, visual backgrounds to natural landscapes.

Where to Look for Free Videos - videvo

Before downloading videos on this website, you are required to meet the applicable requirements. One of the main things is that you cannot distribute videos that will be downloaded unless they have been manipulated or edited.

3. WeDistill

This free video provider website has a large collection of good quality videos. It is characterized by high definition and high video resolution. You can download all videos on this site for free. Here are some of the types of videos available: videos about nature, animals, technology, architecture, people and so on.

Where to Find Free Videos - wedistill

If you want to be practical then you can just subscribe to this site. After subscribing, you will get ten free videos every 10 days which are sent via email. Video content on this site is a must-have for a YouTuber to beautify his video content on YouTube.

4. Waptrick

How to Unblock Waptrick - what is waptrick

Site Waptrick provides millions of free song and video content that you can download anytime and anywhere. There are useful features in it. Like the most popular song video feature.

5. Pixabay

Where to Find Free Videos - pixabay

Hearing the name of this site, maybe some people think of it as a free image provider. It turns out that not only that, Pixabay also provides HD video content for free which you can download easily and quickly for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The number of videos contained in it is around 1.2 million videos.

6. Videezy

The site to be one of the places to find other free videos is Videezy. This website has many videos with various themes that you can download for free.

Free Video Provider Place - videezy

Once downloaded on an Android cellphone or computer, you can use it for commercial or personal use. However, to use it for this purpose, it is required to include its source, namely Videezy.

7. Vidsplay

Vidsplay has a variety of videos that you can download for free for various purposes. This site is constantly providing the most recent videos per week. So that you feel this website is always updated and the number of videos is increasing.

Free Video Provider Place - vidsplay

How to download videos on the Vidsplay site is quite easy. You just have to visit the official Vidsplay website. Then select the video you want to download. Next, on the words "download link", you right click. Then select "Save link As".

This is the place to find free videos that writers can say. Hopefully it will be a valuable reference for all of you.

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