10 Ways To Approach Potential Consumers In Business

Potential Consumer Approach

In the business world, customers are the main key that can make your business grow. From them, you can find out how good the quality of the product you are marketing is. If the product you are selling is of good quality, customers will not hesitate to buy it.

However, in reality every businessman who even has a well-known brand needs to carry out a special strategy to get consumers, especially potential consumers. Potential consumers have a great opportunity to become loyal consumers who can indirectly market their products without having to be asked.

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10 Ways to Approach Potential Consumers

Potential Consumer Approach

Of course, to be able to deal with this potential consumer is definitely not easy because they will ask you everything about your product.

Hence, you and your sales team, either offline or online marketing need a special approach to potential consumers. So, what kind of approach should be taken to get potential customers? Please see our article until it's finished.

Determine Potential Target Customers

After you create a product, the next step is to determine potential target consumers. Targets can be made based on age and product use for consumers. That way, you will have no trouble finding potential customers. This step needs to be done, before taking other approaches to your potential customers.

Use Odd Prices on Each of Your Products

The odd numbers in question could be something like 99,900, 199,900, 299,900. The price made is an approach to be able to get potential customers. Prices posted psychologically can be accepted quickly by consumers.

They will assume that the price of 200,000 is still at 100,000 or 199,9000. However, when consumers want to pay, they will not refuse to issue a nominal value of up to two hundred thousand. This is not fooling or deception. But it is a marketing strategy that is often carried out by business people.

Creating Marketing Ads That Fit Your Target Consumers

The next step, to be able to approach potential consumers is to create advertisements according to their needs. The intended marketing advertisement can be through popular social media broadcasts.

If your target is a businessman, the language used is formal. Unlike the case with young people, you can use the language that suits them.

Apart from popular social media, you can also use pamphlets that are tailored to your target market. The concept that was raised was almost the same, choosing colors, languages, images and fonts to suit them.

Do not hesitate to provide warranty

When you buy a product, you must have found the writing in the packaging which is quite interesting. This writing can make you sure to buy the desired product. The inscription is nothing but a slogan for words like "Not Satisfied, Money Back".

Giving a guarantee with unique words, of course, gives a signal that you have a guaranteed quality product.

So that way, this potential consumer will not take long to think and most likely the product will be purchased. And if not, it could be that the price posted is too expensive or has other considerations.

Participate in Exhibitions or Sponsor Events

If your product is still new, then it doesn't hurt for you to promote your product through an exhibition or be a sponsor in an event. Following an exhibition, is an effective step to be able to introduce the product to the general public. In the exhibition, you will also meet potential potential customers directly.

Apart from participating in exhibitions, you can also become a sponsor in an event. Of course, in this case the products that are made can be better known. And to be able to get potential consumers the opportunity will be even greater.

To become a sponsor, you don't have to always use money, you can also give products which can be used as door prizes for the participants. The advantage of doing this is that apart from being able to meet potential customers, your product can be increasingly recognized.

Do a Buy 1 Get 1 Promo

The next way is to approach potential consumers by doing a Buy 1 Get 1 promo. By doing a buy one get one promo, your potential customers will be interested because they feel benefited from purchasing the product.

The interesting thing about this promo is the word "free" which is packaged in a different way. Most of these approaches to marketing have proven successful. But keep in mind, to do this promo you should first analyze the price and the benefits that can be obtained.

Conduct a Limited Promo Event

Besides you can apply a buy 1 get 1 promo, you can also apply other promo events that can be temporary. Many of these strategies have been implemented and proven to be quite effective. This promo event is usually the things that consumers are waiting for, especially your potential customers.

Promo events that can be made can also be various, such as special promos for consumer consumers on certain days, conducting large-scale sales within a few hours, eliminating other products for people with the fastest purchases, and so on. The more unique you make the promo, the greater the opportunity to find potential customers.

Best Service for Potential Consumers

The buyer is the king who you really have to serve as best as possible. Surely this parable has been widely known by others, especially those of you as business people. Because of this, people who do business have their own way of being able to serve consumers.

The most effective form of service is carried out by people, namely by being friendly and smiling in customer service.

Apart from these forms of service, there are services that can be done, namely by giving special prices or services to potential customers when they have a special day, it could be a birthday, a wedding anniversary or something else.

These consumers will certainly feel happy and feel appreciated because they have received the best service on their special day.

Follow Up Correctly

In business science, being able to follow up someone until closing turns out to require special knowledge in doing so. Which means there are several steps it can take until a potential consumer actually wants the product being sold.

Reported from the livechatinc.com website, there are 3 things a person must do to be able to follow up their customers, namely:

  • When you contact a customer and introduce yourself, let the customer you are targeted with for a few minutes remember you without being told. It would be great if consumers could remember your conversation a while ago. Because this can make it easier for you to bid and even close.
  • Make sure that potential customers know that you have a goal by contacting them to offer the right solutions to their needs.
  • If the situation is not possible, do not immediately close at that time. But you have to do some follow-up steps such as calling him or sending an email, sending broadcast messages via social media and other things to close.

Evaluating Products

Frequently you meet potential customers will indirectly make you better at making products that are marketed. Because you often meet, you will be able to know the tastes and desires of your customers.

This will give you the advantage of being able to make evaluations and changes to the products you market. If the products that have been produced are getting better, then potential consumers can become the most loyal consumers, because they know the quality of the products being sold.


In this world, there are indeed many things that are difficult to do, but with the determination and will that goes along, they can open up. This also applies to you business people. To be able to get lots of loyal customers, of course, requires hard work and high dedication.

Therefore, we hope that after you read our article, you can get inspiration to go further and be successful again. Happy doing business.

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