10+ Ways To Understand And Learn To Trade For Beginning

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Do you know what trading is? And do you want to understand and learn trading? On this occasion, we will discuss articles about the sundries of trading. Curious? Come on, see our article.

Understand And Learn To Trade What You Can Know

Understand and learn trading cover

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Nowadays there are a lot of activities that a person can do to get additional income. One of them is a simple activity that can be done and has the potential to provide profit is by trading.

Trading as a source of income

Trading is an activity that trades in a form of investment instrument for a short period of time. Trading activity is also a trading activity that can provide benefits in a relatively short span of time.

Therefore, to be able to understand and learn trading a trader needs precision and care in choosing the investment instrument he buys.

Is it Important to Trade?

Before understanding and learning to trade in the right way, you should start thinking about how important trading is? Lots of people have already jumped into the world of trading, who say that trading activities are so profitable.

Trading was then seen as an alternative that could get a profit in a short time. Therefore, not a few people who were previously unfamiliar with trading became interested in deepening it.

Trading, regardless of the instrument used, is indeed quite promising. This assumption is not wrong, it is not uncommon for someone to gain wealth in a short time by trading. But of course this must also be accompanied by an understanding of the risks that exist from trading on trading.

Even so, trading is considered suitable for someone who has limited capital who has a lot of free time. By knowing all the things, of course you can get additional income from trading.

Several reasons why trading is one creative business right and can bring benefits to you. Below is yes:

Trading Can Be Done at Home

Now, trading, whether trading stocks, forex, or commodities, can be done entirely online. Even with the advancement of online trading technology, you can make an income from home. It is enough just to use gadgets such as laptops, computers, even smartphones, with an internet connection without having to travel.

With the convenience of such features as online trading, which can make it easier for you in several ways with the aim of understanding and learning trading. The online trading application, apart from providing services in the form of price information, also contains information on market research. Quite complete, right?

More Practical Trading with the Auto Trading Feature

Trading is also an easy activity to do with the auto trading feature provided by the broker. This feature can help you to buy and sell shares based on orders automatically.

You also no longer need to be preoccupied with continuously monitoring the movement of the price of your trading instrument, both stocks and forex.

In this auto trading feature, you can provide a purchase price tag and a selling price if it has reached a certain price. You can set buy and sell prices by adjusting the Trading Plan that you have created.

Relatively Low Trading Costs

With online trading, this trading activity also has other advantages, such as low costs. In online trading, the trading system is fully automated.

You already have full direct control as a trader, so you no longer need to pay extra for brokers. The fees charged by securities are not large, when compared to transacting with brokerage services.

Choosing a Trading Instrument

You can understand and learn trading through various investment instruments. In choosing a trading instrument, there are various criteria that you must meet so that as a trader you can trade comfortably, what do you think?

  • Pay attention to the liquidity of trading instruments

Instruments that have high liquidity, will be traded frequently and are easy to resell.

  • Pay attention to the fluctuation of trading instrument prices

Trading activities are activities that take advantage of price fluctuations in order to get profit. If the price fluctuates, the greater the profit opportunities that can be obtained, and the greater the potential risk that exists.

  • Pay attention to the leverage level of the trading instrument

There are several brokers of trading instruments that provide leverage up to 1: 100. It should be noted that the greater the leverage level, the greater the profit opportunities that can be obtained, and the greater the potential risk.

  • Pay attention to the initial capital deposit.

So far, trading is often seen as an expensive business activity, but now, trading can be done with very cheap capital. Stock trading can be started from IDR 100,000 only, while for forex trading now it can also be done starting from US$10 only.

3 Options Trading Instruments

After you take into account the trading choices, the next step is to choose the instrument that you will use. The following are examples of several trading instruments that you can choose for trading activity:

Understand and learn Stock trading

Understand and learn stock trading

Understand and learn to trade next, of course, is stocks. Shares are proof of ownership of a company. Companies that require capital will sell a portion of their shares on the Stock Exchange, to be traded in accordance with the trading mechanism applicable to the stock exchange.

In Indonesia, this stock trading has been regulated by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI). Stock trading on the IDX has also followed various regulations from the trading mechanism set by the IDX.

Starting from price fractions, trading hours, number of lot units, and other things which of course relate to stock trading in Indonesia. There are definite rules and various guarantee institutions that can make stock trading in Indonesia even more attractive.

Understand and learn Forex trading

Understand and learn forex trading

Understand and learn to trade then specialized in trading instruments, namely forex. Forex stands for foreign exchange or in Indonesian it is commonly called foreign currency exchange. Or another term in Indonesian known as forex or foreign exchange. In forex trading, the instrument being traded is a foreign currency.

So what is the difference between forex trading and money changers? Not much difference can be found between the two, because the transactions carried out are indeed the same, namely both exchange currencies. The difference is in money changer transactions, which are generally carried out at counter money changers, while in forex trading, this is not necessary.

Forex instruments have a value with a large enough capitalization, so they are not easily played by big players, as is the case with stocks. In addition, forex is open for 24 hours of activity during weekdays, so that you will be given more freedom to choose when to trade. This is what makes understanding and learning forex trading interesting.

Understand and learn futures trading

Understand and learn futures trading

Apart from stocks and forex instruments, there are also futures instruments that can be used as a trading tool. Futures or commonly referred to as futures, are standard contracts traded on a futures exchange, in order to buy or sell the underlying asset of a financial instrument at a future date, at a certain price.

Assets that are used as a reference in futures trading, can be in the form of commodities such as gold or oil, or also in the form of foreign currency or forex, it can also be in the form of global stock indices, such as the Nikkei, Hang Seng, and other global stocks. Futures have a trading mechanism that is almost the same as forex, this is what makes futures trading have the same appeal as forex trading.


Many business people are involved in the world of trading, and some of them certainly have and do not know the knowledge of trading itself.

In the article that we have written, we hope that you can understand and learn to trade with the appropriate stages, and hope that this article can be used as a provision to start your business, so that in the future you will become a successful professional trader. Thus we made this article, and happy doing business!

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