Web Hosting 2020: Understanding and How to Choose It

web hosting is

This article is an explanation of web hosting that is fully discussed and the language is easy to understand even by beginners. The best website hosting is one of the important elements that must be contained in a website. Which is useful for ensuring the website can be accessed quickly and stably around the world. A website without hosting will definitely not be accessible to all people in the world. Web hosting is part of the existence of a website besides the domain and content.

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In the world of blogs or websites, we often hear the words web hosting. Then what is hosting? And what is the relationship with the domain? To find out you can read on this article or search Google. To put it simply, web hosting is the same as hosting. Which is useful for storing files and website data online.

Definition of web hosting varies, including:

  1. Some experts argue that hosting is a means of storing all data in the form of videos, images and writings for websites so they can be accessed and online
  2. According to Wikipedia, web hosting ie a service provided for users in order to store data and information safely. The data can be in the form of videos, pictures, writings and photos. The stored data can be accessed via blogs or websites.

Who has services web hosting is hosting provider company itself located in Indonesia and abroad. However, overseas website hosting has a much higher price than companies in Indonesia. So it is advisable for you to use the services of a cheaper hosting provider company in Indonesia. And sometimes at certain moments give free hosting raffle.

To find the best Indonesian hosting provider, you can find it on Google with keywords best hosting provider or cheap hosting Indonesia and others. For an easier and more practical way, you can ask for references from website or blog owners regarding good web hosting providers in the country. Based on the experience of those who have used it.

Explanation of Web Hosting

web hosting is

Unlike in the past, people blog or create websites just to share their hobby of writing and introduce company profiles. But now creating a blog or website can be used as a fairly large steady income. Here are some ways to earn from creating a website or blog, including:

  1. Create an online blog or web shop
  2. Create a blog and install google adsense ads
  3. Creating a website where the empty slots are rented out as independent advertising spots

For those of you who have limited financial capital, of course, you will find it difficult when you have to spend very large capital to create a blog or website from scratch. The costs required are the cost of purchasing a domain name and the cost of purchasing a template, the cost of creating a website, and the cost of hosting a rental. All of that is not cheap.

For those of you who have objections to expensive web hosting rental fees, you can take the alternative of finding cheap or free hosting providers in Indonesia. It's easy for you to find a free or cheap hosting provider. You can search for it on the google search engine or via social media.

Web Hosting Indonesia

Indonesia is a large country with a very large population. Likewise, the number of netizens in the country is quite a lot. Some of them are in the blogging business, online shop websites, and not even a few starting a web hosting business personally or as a legal entity (company). So it requires web hosting services.

For location options, you can use web hosting services abroad or in Indonesia. But on behalf of the love of Indonesian products, you can take domestic hosting services. Because in this country there are several cheap and best hosting providers.

How to Choose Web Hosting for Your Website

Cheap hosting service providers offer a wide variety type of web hosting completely.

Which covers :

  • Colocation Server
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Shared Hosting

For standard or regular website use, it is enough to rely on Shared Hosting. However, for sites, blogs or websites that have high traffic, it is necessary to use Dedicated Hosting or VPS type hosting.

In its use, there are hosting that are not of good quality and some are good. For the best form of web hosting itself in the form of a server computer. The difference is, the best hosting is equipped with the latest technology that has super high speed that is connected to the internet.

Difference between web hosting and domain

Everyone understands, there are many the difference between domain and hosting which we will try to discuss in the article. Web hosting is a place or container to store website data. The domain is the address of the web file data storage container.

If you think of a website as a building. And the building will be built on land lots. That land lot is called web hosting. The domain is the address of the building or plot. With the existing domain will guide traffic to arrive at the building.

The difference between hosting and domain can be seen in terms of form. For forms of hosting such as servers that are supported by advanced technology. The domain has the form of a domain name plus extension.

Example domains: elevenconsignment.com or www.elevenconsignment.com. The use of www or without www can be set on your cpanel hosting when installing to your website.

For extensions, it can be dot id, dot com, dot net and others.

Pay attention to the features and storage capacity

For those of you who want to create and build a website, you must prepare your web hosting carefully. Of course, the chosen one is hosting that has the best quality in terms of speed, storage capacity and features. Generally, the hosting price is in accordance with the quality and completeness of the features provided.

You can use a cheap hosting service. But if you don't have the money to rent a hosting, then you can choose a rather difficult path, namely free hosting. Several providers provide lottery programs. For those of you who are lucky, you can rent free hosting without monthly fees.

Why You Should Have Web Hosting

The following are strong reasons for you to have hosting for your website, namely that a website cannot exist without a domain and hosting. Many people expect to have a good website. Even though the hosting it uses is not good. They don't even want to spend money on hosting rental fees. This is impossible if you want to have a good website. Because a good quality website is built on the basis of the best hosting and domain.

Several existing web hosting packages

The website consists of various kinds, namely business websites, online store websites, information websites, company websites, educational websites, paper websites, job vacancies websites, school websites, government websites and personal websites. All websites need a container called hosting and a domain address.

The domain address is made in such a way that the website looks attractive and professional. For example, using the tld or com extension. Because if you use a free web platform like blogspot it will look less serious and professional.

To buy cheap hosting, you can contact directly the hosting provider company in Indonesia. With the web hosting you have, you can save videos, images, photos and more in hosting. Hosting capacity varies depending on the package chosen. There are 300 MB to 48 GB hosting plans.

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