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The culinary business is a type of business that is familiar in Indonesia and even the world, this business is even capable of being one of several home business opportunity. Because this business is mostly done by people and has proven to be selling well. There are many culinary entrepreneurs who have won the title of richest people thanks to their culinary business. Like Colonel Sander, who has a worldwide network of KFC businesses.

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If you count the number of culinary businesses around the house, you will definitely be confused. Because there are so many. Such as meatball business, young coconut ice business, food stall business, tofu gejrot business, fried chicken selling business, sweet martabak selling business and so on. This is different from the number of franchise minimarket businesses that can be counted on the fingers. Because the amount is limited by the government.

Why are more people choosing the culinary business? Because humans think that the culinary business is a very promising and profitable business. With the reason, everyone needs to eat every day in order to survive. One day can be several times to three meals. So they opened a culinary business. Then what's profitable?

Get to know the culinary business

Get to know the culinary business

Often a culinary business that is opened does not produce the expected profit. Often the food and beverage business experiences profits at the beginning of the business. Meanwhile, in the following year, there was a decrease in profits and even no profit at all. It is a fact in the culinary business that is part of a seasonal business.

In the community there are various kinds of culinary businesses, food and beverages. For the food business, for example, the sponge cake business, the cracker-making business, the Padang food stall business, the tofu gejrot business, the warteg business, the business selling meatballs, chicken noodles, donuts, bread, batagor, tofu meatball and other foods. Meanwhile, for beverage businesses such as young coconut ice, Thai tea drinks, etc.

In general terms, the culinary business is a universal endeavor that can be undertaken by anyone. An employee, housewife, student and college student can open a culinary business be it food or drink easily. The recipes for making food and drinks can be found on YouTube and Google.

Culinary Business Locations

The location of the culinary business is very flexible. You can go about this business in various ways, including:

1. In front of the house

You can make your home your business location. There have been many culinary businesses that have done this. Meanwhile, the market shares are neighbors and local communities. To expand the market, this business can be marketed online through collaboration with the GoFood or Grab Food applications.

2. Renting a strategic place

Another way that can be taken to open a culinary business is by renting a strategic location that many people pass. For example, you can open a Padang restaurant on a busy roadside or in the center of a crowd. The drawback of this business is that there is a large enough capital cost for leasing a place to rent a business. Especially in big cities.

3. Go around

Culinary business can also be done around using motorbikes, cars or on foot. This method will reach a wider market.

Culinary Business Competition

The culinary business has a very high level of competition. Because various types of food or drinks can be imitated. Therefore, you need to make sure your culinary quality is fresh, delicious taste and affordable.

What does it mean if the culinary you produce is priced cheaply but the taste quality is not good, it will make consumers give up to buy your culinary products again.

If you choose to open a culinary business, you will definitely be confused. Because there are many types of food and drinks that can be sold.

You can open a culinary business that doesn't exist in your city or open a similar business. The most effective way is to look at the types of best-selling culinary businesses in your city. Then observe and imitate and modify the culinary business.

Estimated Cost of Culinary Business Capital

One of the most important elements in opening a business is venture capital. After you have a strong determination in doing business, you must prepare business capital. There is not too much capital for a culinary venture. For example, to sell food, chips or meatball tofu and others, the capital required is relatively small, only Rp. 100 thousand.

The very small amount of capital has made many people open culinary businesses. You can see that the culinary business in your city is mushrooming. For example, a culinary business near schools, office centers and roadside. What is needed in the main culinary business is intention, capital for business equipment and supplies, raw materials and tools.

However, in opening a culinary business there are shortcomings. The main drawback is that culinary products spoil easily, both food and beverages. If it's stale, of course it can't be sold anymore. You will lose. On the other hand, for businesses selling electronic goods for 3 kg LPG gas, there is no term stale. In fact, the price of goods will increase over time.

Collection of Culinary Business Ideas

Cover Culinary Business Ideas
The latest culinary business ideas for 2020

The following is a collection of culinary business ideas that benefit small capital, including:

1. Unique snack business

Unique Snack Culinary Business

Who doesn't know snacks? Surely everyone knows him because it is a daily meal to prop up an empty stomach. Eating snacks is very delicious when you are relaxed. There are various kinds of snacks in the community that can be enjoyed. Such as chips, cakes, snacks and so on.

Along with the times, people are getting bored with the snacks that have been around so far. What makes culinary entrepreneurs create breakthroughs in this business is making unique snacks. The uniqueness is seen in terms of form and material.

Competition in the snack business is very tight. However, the market share is very wide so it is still promising to live. To be successful in the unique snack business is to have good taste and affordable prices and varied flavors. You can make unique snacks with a variety of unique flavors such as salted egg taste, cheese flavor, onion chicken taste, barbeque flavor, sweet and sour taste, original taste, sour taste, etc.

The advantages of a snack business are that it can be run by anyone with a small capital, can be done on the side, and is easy to run.

2. Culinary catering business

Catering Culinary Business

Humans need food and drink as basic needs. A day he can eat two or three times or even more. Therefore, the need for food is very high. What makes the idea of opening a restaurant and catering business very promising.

The catering business has been around for a long time and until now. Because it takes a lot of people, especially those who are lazy to cook in the kitchen. The need for catering businesses in the country is very high. Many people need this endeavor on a personal, family, community or institutional scale.

To open a successful catering business requires good effort. Such as serving a catering menu at affordable prices, a complete, hygienic and healthy menu. Then you can present special menus such as special menus for diabetics, gout, heart and others.

3. Cake and Bread Business

Cake and Bread Culinary Business

Bread and cakes are one of the most popular snacks for filling up a hungry stomach. The need for bread and cakes in the community is very high every day. Especially before Eid. For this reason, you should make the cake and bread business a business idea that is ready for you to do.

The types of bread that you can produce are dry bread, plain bread, torn bread, sandwiches, and so on. Meanwhile, the types of cakes that can be produced are donuts, sponge cakes, pukis, brownie, nastar, snow cake and others. You can find the recipe for making it on google search and youtube.

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